After 30 years of professional practice and after working with prestigious legal firms in Costa Rica, José Rafael Fernández, attorney, university professor, mediator and acknowledged arbitrator, decided to do things differently and appropriately to the current needs of the law practice.
After a meticulous planning process, Lic. Fernández conceived and created a legal organization focused exclusively on modern, dispute resolution methods, dedicated to doing things differently in order to obtain better results for our legal clients in todays’ complex world.

Thus, ARBITRAT was born, a first-class Legal Organization where arbitration and other methods of Alternate Dispute Resolution are used in favor of those who choose to trust our services.

ARBITRAT was envisioned to provide legal services focusing on the resolution of conflicts through first world methods and techniques.

ARBITRAT is also a true revolution in the field of social projection and law teaching, by transcending old concepts and ways to impart justice typical of the XIX century. Those old methods nowadays are a real form of aggression to the businessmen and the citizen alike.

“We show our clients the quickest, most efficient and affordable ‘highway’ solution to resolving legal problems in the modern world instead of being stuck in the traditional, legal ‘traffic jams’ of yesterday’s system.” Lic. José Rafael Fernández

Abogados Arbitrajes Internacionales

ARBITRAT attorneys know how to deal with the law. With over 30 years of professional practice, we are also very much aware of the awful, slow-moving bureaucracy of the judicial system.

The attorneys at ARBITRAT are experts in efficient Alternate Dispute Resolution. We practice not only as legal counsels but as well as arbitrators and mediators in the major Arbitration and Mediation Centers.
We know every detail about conflict resolution mechanisms and we use that knowledge to the benefit our clients and society in general.

ARBITRAT is also an organization of legal services, leader in the promotion of alternate dispute resolution methods, which, through the Costa Rican Academy of Arbitration and Mediation, generates knowledge on new solution among the population and within different sectors of society.

Abogados Arbitrajes Internacionales